BCSA Code of Ethics

Revised April 2015



Purpose: To achieve the Objectives of the Society, the following Code of Ethics is adopted as a statement of principles and standards for the membership. Our aim is to provide guidelines that will facilitate responsible breeding and selling of Border Collies, further conscientious ownership of the breed, and foster cordial, mutually supportive relations among the members. The areas addressed by this code are Breeding, Selling, Ownership, and Conduct. In all ethical questions a member shall act solely in the best interests of the breed and members shall aid any Border Collie owner in upholding these interests.


Breeding: The aim of any mating shall be to improve the breed. Dogs and bitches shall be of suitable age (BCSA strongly recommends breeding stock be at least two years old), of general overall good health and intelligence, certified free from hereditary eye defects and hip dysplasia, of good temperament, and with sound structure and bite. The owner of the sire is as responsible as the owner of the dam in all matters of the welfare of the offspring. The terms and conditions of the mating shall be clear to all parties prior to mating. Proper documentation of the mating is required. DNA tests for hereditary disorders shall be utilized when planning breedings to ensure that a mating does not produce affected puppies. When relying upon DNA test results from parents or ancestors of the breeding pair, DNA parentage profiles shall be used to guarantee accuracy of the pedigree.


Selling: All Border Collies sold shall be in good health and of a suitable age to leave litters (7 weeks old minimum age recommended unless local law requires a greater age), properly documented (pedigree and registration). The terms and conditions of the sale shall be clearly outlined, with written instructions on feeding, health, training, and grooming being provided by the seller. Advertising shall be of an honest and informative nature and the price of the dog reasonable, according to the quality, the achievements, the bloodlines, and the potential of the dog. Members are obligated to take back or help rehome any dog they sell, regardless of the reason necessitating return. Sellers shall keep a record of names and addresses of all buyers, offering support and advice to all. No member shall sell, consign or donate dogs to commercial dog wholesalers, retailers (pet shops), laboratories, or raffles. Members shall refrain from selling to unethical breeders or persons whose intentions are unknown or suspect.


Ownership: Owners shall provide their Border Collies with appropriate immunizations, any necessary veterinary care, and adequate nutrition. Owners shall ensure their dogs receive proper socialization, training and control, preventing any charges of public endangerment or nuisance. Any public fouling shall be immediately cleaned up. All dogs shall be properly licensed according to community regulations. Owners shall advise Breeders if any hereditary diseases or conditions arise, providing copies of veterinary documentation or correspondence. Owners shall not abandon their Border Collies. When dogs cannot be kept, the Owner shall contact the Breeder for possible return or help in rehoming. Failing that, the Owner shall contact the BCSA for Border Collie Rescue assistance. The last resort will be the local humane society.


Conduct: The Objectives of the Border Collie Society of America shall be uppermost in the minds of members. All actions in regard to the dogs, fellow members and the general public shall consider the best interests of the breed. Conduct shall be positively directed towards educating the public about the breed, improving one’s own knowledge about the breed, and demonstrating good sportsmanship. Degrading another member’s kennel or stock with malicious intent is prohibited. It is further prohibited to threaten any members, their Border Collies or their property IN ANY FASHION. The BCSA advocates public release of information regarding any aspect of breeding as long as that information is released with permission of all parties involved and accompanied by proper professional documentation. For example, if a Border Collie is found to be affected with PRA, the owner should provide veterinary documentation, ensuring that both the owner of the sire and dam are also notified. Actions such as altering, hiding, or destroying information/certification are prohibited. Gossip, hearsay and innuendo are discouraged. Facts, official results, and professional communications are encouraged.

Enforcement and Discipline

Enforcement and Discipline: It is the responsibility of each member to make an inquiry concerning suspected violations of this Code of Ethics. Should such a violation appear to exist, the Board of Directors should be notified and action taken in accordance with Article VI, Section 2 of the Constitution and By-Laws of the Border Collie Society of America, Inc. Board members may not take an active part in decisions that personally affect them. By adhering to this Code of Ethics, we shall further the objectives of the Border Collie Society of America, Inc.

From the BCSA Constitution and By-Laws:

Any member may prefer charges against another member for alleged misconduct prejudicial to the best interests of the Club or the breed. The Board shall rule on the charges and award appropriate disciplinary action not excluding suspension or expulsion.

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