I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone for their support while the BCSA was in litigation to determine the appropriate board of directors. We received the Court’s injunction determination yesterday (Tues,, Oct. 29, 2019), which found that our “A” Board is the correct board based upon the Bylaws and Kentucky statute. (See attached Order).
The  BCSA “A” Board of Directors would like to congratulate all the winners at the 2019 National Specialty, and to thank everyone who worked hard to put on the 2019 Specialties.
Our goal for 2020 is to move forward in supporting the objectives of BCSA as ambassadors of our beloved Border Collies.
Wishing everyone Happy Holidays in the coming months.
Ronni DeLay
BCSA President

About BCSA

The BCSA began in the Fall of 1990 as a very loose group of friends in Louisville, Kentucky. This group foresaw the fact that the Border Collie would eventually be AKC-recognized and wanted to be involved. read more…

Border Collies & Health

The BCSA is committed to breeding practices that will preserve the working ability and health of the world’s premier sheep herding breed. Responsible breeders should test the sire and dam of each litter for disorders that may disproportionately affect the Border Collie. read more…

Looking For A Puppy?

Remember that the decision that you are making regarding a new puppy is one that will affect both your family and the puppy for many years to come. You should be careful, don’t shop impulsively, and make sure you are getting a healthy dog. read more…

New Field Reps Announced for AKC Herding Program

The AKC Performance Events Department welcomes two new field representatives to the AKC Herding Program. Starting this month, Robin Penland-Elliott and Ken Ferrill will begin their new roles representing AKC at herding events.    Robin Penland-Elliott brings over 40...

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Borderlines Magazine

Borderlines Border Collies Magazine BCSA Borderlines next issue deadline is May 15th for the June/July issue.   Send in your latest news or your lovely wins!  Send to  Full pages are available. Deadline is May 15,...

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