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The mission of the Border Collie Society of America (BCSA) is to preserve and enhance the integrity of the Border Collie through promoting responsible breeding and ownership, to preserve the working attributes and intelligence of the breed, to prevent exploitation and abuse of the breed, and promote a spirit of encouragement and learning for the membership in all Border Collie activities, including but not limited to: herding, obedience, agility, conformation, tracking, companion dogs, flyball, and therapy dogs.

Border Collies are Great At This


Border collies herd because their bodies and minds have been specifically crafted for the task. These dogs are amazing herding machines who are naturally drawn to chasing and controlling movements of animals. Many dog owners bring border collies into their homes without realizing what these dogs were bred for and why they behave in certain ways


Border Collies are perfect for agility courses and love the physical and mental challenge. Agility courses involve a large variety of obstacles which challenge the dog’s fitness, athleticism, courage, and obedience… but above all, it is meant to be fun.


(or ‘Rally O’ in the USA) is a great sport for your Border Collie. This sport comes from the heelwork elements of competitive Obedience. It differs from Obedience mostly in that competitors and dogs attempt a pre-set course in which signs are placed at up to 15 stations (Level 1) along the course. This is a mentally challenging but moderate sport to enjoy you’re your Border Collie with maybe a jog step or two, really great for the Border Collies mind!

Disc dog

Disc dog challenges are a great way to burn excess energy and keep your dog excited to play games. In disc dog, you and your Border Collie will work as team with you throwing the disc and your dog catching it.

Hello BCSA Members,

I hope this message finds you and your families safe and well during the COVID-19 pandemic. The BCSA Board of Directors would like to offer our help to any of our members needing assistance. If you need help taking care of your pets, need masks, need groceries delivered, etc., please reach out to us. We will do our best to send you masks, help find someone in your area who can deliver supplies, or make sure your pets are taken care of in the event that you are sick and currently unable to tend to them. 

Alternately, if you would like to volunteer to help us support our members during this pandemic, we would appreciate any assistance you are willing to provide.

Please email us at

Stay Safe

Ronni DeLay
BCSA President

About BCSA

The BCSA began in the Fall of 1990 as a very loose group of friends in Louisville, Kentucky. This group foresaw the fact that the Border Collie would eventually be AKC-recognized and wanted to be involved. read more…

Border collies & Health

The BCSA is committed to breeding practices that will preserve the working ability and health of the world’s premier sheep herding breed. Responsible breeders should test the sire and dam of each litter for disorders that may disproportionately affect the Border Collie. read more…

Looking for a puppy?

Remember that the decision that you are making regarding a new puppy is one that will affect both your family and the puppy for many years to come. You should be careful, don’t shop impulsively, and make sure you are getting a healthy dog. read more…

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