Welcome to the 2021 BCSA National Specialty!

Are you making your plans for Nationals? We are working hard to plan a really fun event.

Jeanette Jolly and I would like to start getting you all excited about the 2021 National Specialty.  Because of Covid things will be a bit challenging and a few things won’t be able to happen, BUT…..

If you remember, we were planning a fun photo booth last year and that is going to happen this year! You can check out the photos I posted last year of some of the props we have for you to use, and Gail and I have been adding to them all year. The booth is free! Bring your dogs, friends and your camera and get lots of fun pics to use all year.

We think we have all of the holidays and seasons covered for you and want you to have fun with it. It’s a great time to get a picture for your Christmas cards!

We are planning some fun events to happen also. One of the events this year will be Saturday we will hold the 2021 Specialty show and then on Sunday we will hold the 2020 Specialty show, that’s right 2 specialty shows in one year.

AKC has approved this for breed clubs. That means more chances to get those special wins and we will also have 2 days to get AOMs.

We are in the process of raising money to hold these shows and have some really stunning ribbons and nice trophies. We have a long ways to go to get this money raised that we need and a short time till the Specialties

We will be having the Sharon Eklund Memorial Chili Cookoff again this year. Hopefully the weather will cooperate so we can have it in the RV parking lot. Dig out your best recipe and bring your crockpot! Everyone is welcome to join in the fun, either by cooking or by judging! There are prizes and a traveling trophy. We had an absolute blast when we did this in 2018. If you are not staying in the RV park and want to enter, we will find you a spot to get that chili cooked! More info on this will be forthcoming.

Another fun event we are planning, and hope you will take advantage of this year, is a swap meet. We had planned on a show clothing swap last year and had several people ask us about selling other items (crates, collars, show leads, etc.) so we have decided to combine all of that. On the evening of the chili cookoff, you will be able to set up your items that you no longer want and sell them! We will provide tables at $10 each. If you only have a couple of items and don’t want to try to sell them, consider donating them to the silent auction. Ronna can give you more info on this event. This event will also take place in the RV lot. If you have questions, please contact me and I will do my best to answer them. 

You will have a lot of options for specialty items this year. The 2021 specialty clothing items, the 25th Anniversary clothing items and we are working on something with the 2020 Nationals logo on it also. Stay tuned for those choices. 

One last thing that is new to this years nationals is a raffle basket for shopping the vendors! For every $25 you spend with a vendor, you will receive a ticket to put in a drawing for a gift basket. At this time, I am planning on 3 gift baskets, so spend $75, get 3 tickets and have a chance to win any or all of them! 

Looking forward to seeing all of you at Nationals for a really fun time!

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