Website Policy

1. Purpose
To provide current and historical information on activities, organization and programs of the Border Collie Society of America for use by members, prospective members, and the interested Border Collie community.

This website will support and supplement traditional channels of distributing club information, such as Borderlines, mailings to the membership, and BCSA_ANNOUNCE. It should not replace them and should be considered a secondary channel of communication with club members.

The website is not intended to reflect daily announcements or continuously changing documents, but rather final versions of important documents that can easily be referenced.

2. Ownership
The BCSA website is owned by the club and not by any individual. While Committee and Event Chairs are responsible for the information contained in web pages related to their area of responsibility, the BCSA Officers and Board of Directors have final authority over website content and links. If important issues arise relating to the management and development of the website, a Website Oversight Committee may be formed by the Board/Officers.

BCSA reserves the right to review all documents and make appropriate corrections. Documents may also be referred to the BCSA Board and Officers for further review. BCSA also reserves the right to update the website without notice.

3. Content
BCSA shall have direct control over the content of its official website, and all BCSA web pages shall reside on the server.

Each Committee or Event Chair shall have a web page and Chairs are responsible for keeping their web pages current and accurate via updates submitted to the Webmaster.

Documents may be eligible for posting to the website without prior approval of the Board or Officers if they

  • Are submitted by a Committee or Event Chair, or by an Officer or Board Member.
  • Pertain to the area of responsibility of the Committee or Event Chair, or Officer’s or Board Member.

Such postings include, but are not limited to, reports, documents, announcements which are consistent with the mission of the club.

Any website files which contain policy changes will be reviewed by the BCSA Board of Directors.

4. Links
The BCSA website will provide links to relevant registries, clubs, publications and organizations. Links will not be provided to sites owned by individuals or sites of a personal nature.

Linking to a third-party site does not constitute endorsement.

5. Procedure for Submitting Files
Files should be submitted as attachments to email notes to the webmaster, complete with detailed instructions, including which URL is involved, where links should be added, deadline for posting, etc. Files will be posted in the order received unless otherwise prioritized.
6. Technical Information
The Webmaster determines format requirements of files submitted for posting. The current Webmaster has a Macintosh environment and will accept MS Word (.doc), MS Excel (.xls), and Adobe Acrobat (PDF) files. Photographs should be submitted as .jpg files, graphics or scanned documents as .gif files.
7. Website Update Access
Update or write access will reside solely with the Webmaster, and the website password shall be shared with one Officer or Board Member for safekeeping.

REMINDER: Errors happen — please notify the Webmaster about typos or broken links.