BCSA Suggestion Box

BCSA Suggestion Box

For Members Only

In continuing to keep the lines of communication open within the Club, the BCSA Board has created an electronic mechanism for collecting comments, suggestions and complaints from the membership. In order for your message to be considered, your name (first and last name) must be included, so that your BCSA membership can be verified. The moderator is responsible for monitoring input received via the Suggestion Box and will forward all messages from members to the Board as well as any additional people that would benefit from the content of the message. Messages that are not signed will not be forwarded or considered.

If you would like to remain anonymous, you must indicate by checking the “Preference” box on the Suggestion Form. Your name and email address will be removed from the message before it is passed along and your identification will remain confidential.

The BCSA Board encourages you to complete the easy, online BCSA Suggestion Box form and give us your comments, suggestions or complaints. We also benefit from compliments, too, since that is the only way we know that we are doing something right.

Click here for BCSA Suggestion Box.