Register of Merit (ROM) Program



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The Breeding Excellence Recognition Register of Merit (ROM) program was developed by the BCSA to honor and recognize Border Collie dogs and bitches that have excelled as producers of talented performance and conformation titled offspring. By virtue of the superior characteristics they have passed to their first generation progeny, these dogs and bitches have made an exceptional impact on the future of the versatility and quality of the breed. This program uses the accomplishments of the get as the measure of the ability to pass a high percentage of desirable characteristics to future generations.

Program Description
The are currently five categories used to recognize exceptional producers of titled offspring. In order to qualify for any of these category awards, the owner of record must apply to the Chair, Breeding Excellence Recognition Committee, using the online application on this webpage. Only American Kennel Club titles noted in the category description may be used to satisfy award criteria, which will be verified by the Committee. Once verified, the Committee Chair will forward the application and supporting documentation to the BCSA Board of Directors with a recommendation. If approved, the Board will then send a Letter of Recognition and Certificate to the owner applicant and the dog/bitch will be entered into permanent BCSA ROM Program records and listed on the applicable webpage. In view that it may take years for the first generation offspring to acquire the requisite titles, posthumous recognition is acceptable. If a dog/bitch was formerly awarded the Register of Merit (ROM) category award and later qualifies for the Register of Merit Excellent (ROMX) award, the name will be removed from the ROM list and added to the ROMX list. *Any future changes to the Register of Merit Program will apply to applications submitted after the effective date of the changes, and will not be applicable to pending or previous applications. Please contact the Committee Chair for questions concerning about the Register of Merit Program, about any of the dogs listed or if you find a listing error. All suggestions or concerns regarding the criteria or process used in the BCSA ROM Program should be forwarded to the Committee Chair.
ROM Register of Merit Requirements
Dogs: At least 10 progeny with 1 or more qualifying titles from the Qualifying Title list.

Bitches:At least 6 progeny with 1 or more qualifying titles from the Qualifying Title list.

Qualifying Titles: (*At this time, no titles in any other AKC titling program or any other venue may be used to qualify for the BCSA ROM Award.) a. Champion of Record (CH) b. Obedience: Utility Dog (UD) or higher level c. Tracking: Tracking Dog Excellent (TDX) or higher level d. Herding; Herding Excellent (HX) or higher level e. Agility: Agility Excellent (AX or AXJ) or higher level f. Get previously recognized with the award of BCSA ROM or ROMX *In addition to the above, the following must also apply 1) any dog/bitch added into the AKC Stud Book on January 1, 1999 or after, must have at least one progeny with an AKC Herding Trial level title (HS, HI, HX or HC) 2) at least one offspring must have an advanced performance title (b, c, d, e)

ROMX – Register of Merit Excellent Dogs and bitches that have otherwise met the ROM requirements AND have at least one progeny with a Herding Excellent (HX) title or higher level.

ROMF – Register of Merit Foundation Dogs and bitches that have met the ROM requirements EXCEPT 1) they do not have any progeny with a Herding Trial level title, and, 2) they were included in the AKC stud book prior to January 1, 1999, if they were admitted at all. These dogs and bitches had breeding careers that generally took place before the AKC herding program was readily available.

HonROM – Honorary Register of Merit The HonROM (Honorary ROM) is conferred upon dogs and bitches who have made substantial genetic contributions to the breed but did not complete the general ROM requirements. There is currently only one HonROM dog. Please submit a written request for consideration with detailed justification/documentation to the Committee Chair for review. Each request will be forwarded to the BCSA Board of Directors with a recommendation from the Committee Chair.

Noteworthy Sires and Dams Category Closed. When the ROM program was developed, the Noteworthy designation was given to dogs which had not yet met the requirements for any ROM title but were nearing that status. Now that more dogs are attaining ROM status, the Noteworthy designation will be discontinued for new sires and dams. The dogs that are currently listed will remain as a historical record of the early days of the ROM program.

Please complete the online application by clicking the button above. The criteria for each category of awards is described on this page.

NOTE: Please confirm that the titles listed on the application are on AKC record. Please do not list titles earned in other non-AKC venues.

**The person whose contact information appears on the application will be the person to whom the certification will be made out to and to whom the certificate will be mailed.