2019 National Specialty — COMMITTEES


National Coordinating Committee:  Ronni Delay, Diana Smith, Kacee McGee, Suzanne LeRoy, & Adrian Smith, Treasurer,                                                                                             

Event Committee Chairs:

Conformation Chair

            Kathy Kaul       brittemar@hotmail.com

Herding Chair

            Debbie Stull    deborahstull@gmail.com

Obedience Chair

            John Burgess   jab1332000@yahoo.com      

Rally Chair

          Pauline  Sabatini      dsabitini001@comcast.net                                    

Agility Chair

            Danielle Davis             bdrcol22@aol.com 




Other Committees:  For information, sign up or purchase — please see the individual national page

RV Chair

            Bob & Mary Keenan   

Logo Design

            Kasie McGee

Top Twenty

            Heather & Kyle Henisey         

Health Testing

            Janice Swifford


            Lisa Pruka


            Angie Sazewicz


Refer to Order pages on this website for:  Club event ticket orders, Catalog Advertising,  Catalog Pre-Orders & General Information.  Refer to the Event Secretary/Superintendent page or the premium list for events for conformation, agility, herding, obedience or rally.