2017 BCSA National Specialty Volunteers


We have spots available to help out with the 2017 Specialty. If you would like to be a part of this 20th Specialty, please email:

Conformation Chair: Carol Clark

Obedience & Rally Chairs: Liz Hunter & Nancy Ripperger

Agility Chair: Danielle Davis

Herding Chair: Kasie McGee

Ribbons: Lisa Pruka

Trophies: Lisa Pruka & Linda Ramas

Judges Hospitality: Janice Swofford

Catalog Advertising: Orshi Horvath

Catalog Copywriting, Design, Compilation: Cindy Eaton-Eklund

Catalog Pre-Sales: Linda Ramas

General Information Booklet: Linda Ramas

RV Chair: Sharon Eklund

Logo Design: Jamie Swanson

Reserved Grooming: Megan Harrison

Photographer: Alyssa – Pet Personalities, RingTime Media

Vendors: Janice Swofford

BCSA Social Dinner: Linda Ramas

Parade of Champions: Linda Ramas

Janet Larson Versatility: Lisa Pruka

Specialty Wear Coordinator: Julie Bosier

State Raffle Baskets: Ronna Stewart

Top Twenty: Ronna Stewart

Health Testing: Janice Swofford

Welcome Bags: Janice Swofford


Thanks to those who have already volunteered! We are looking forward to another great specialty.