Mentor Policy

Mentors for Judges’ Education Program

Carolyn Biondi
Lindenhurst NY 11757

Carol Clark
Waverly MO

Ronni DeLay
Louisville KY

Cindy Geiss
Farmingdale NJ

* = Breeder Judge

Megan Harrison
Des Moines IA

Suzanne LeRoy
Palmdale, CA


Lisa Pruka
Rockton IL 61072

Noel Sieh
Plattsmouth, NE



All applicants must complete the application and submit requested materials to JEC Committee Chair. The Corresponding Secretary will forward to the JEC Chair any such materials received. The JEC Chair is responsible to confirm receipt of the application, review and forward the application to the Board of Directors, and advise the applicant of status. The complete application along with any recommendations from the JEC Chair will be forwarded to the Board of Directors for consideration. Applications for consideration at a Board meeting should be received from the JEC Chair two weeks before the meeting. Once an application has been received, the BOD will have 45 days to review, vote and respond to the JEC Chair.

Applications received by the JEC Chair may be forwarded with or without comment. Applications will be reviewed by the Board and will be accepted or declined based upon a recorded majority vote. Applications that require more information may be pended awaiting clarification or completion of any requirements deemed advisable by the Board for approval. Applications may not be pended awaiting additional information for more than three months—applications that are not complete or otherwise ready for vote after three months from the date pended must be resubmitted.

Page Updated 03.06.2017