New Applicants for Membership

The following individuals have applied for membership to the BCSA. If you have any comments or concerns you would like to share with the Board about any of these individuals, please send an email to before the 25th of the month. These individuals will be voted on by the Board on June 1, 2022. Thank you for your attention.

Name Membership Type City State Sponsor
Chrissy Bertolino Associate Greensburg PA
Laurie E Bowen Associate East Stroudsburg PA
Kristina McKenzie Associate Largo FL Kendra Hays
Steve & Sandy Beeler Household Wildwood FL Kendra Hays
Kim Nygard Single Rockton IL Diana Smith
Sonja Donaldson Single Camarillo CA Dr. Robert Tainsh
Susan Raupp Single Highland Charter Twp MI Lori Buxton