How to Host a BCSA-Sponsored Event

Photo by Lisa Pruka

Sponsored-Events Central

The BCSA is happy to sponsor Regional Activities in the name of the BCSA. Please read the following when choosing to request sponsorship for Agility or Herding venues.

To request a Sponsored Event, please consider the following:

  • Send your request in writing to the BCSA Board along with a sample budget. The Board will consider your request and respond no later than the next scheduled Board meeting.
  • Most, if not all, of the expenses can be pre-paid. By submitting an expense request to the Treasurer, your expense can be paid directly by the BCSA, minimizing out-of-pocket expense to you. Such expenses include facilities, ribbons, and judge’s airfare.
  • We understand volunteers are an invaluable source of success at a trial. Please contact us for worker raffle items, as we keep items on hand for volunteers.
  • You will be assigned a Board Member Liaison to be a point person should any issue arise requiring the BCSA’s attention.
  • Once the trial is completed:
    • Please have receipts submitted within two weeks of the trial end date, where possible.
    • We would also like a brief write up and photos of the event to be published in Borderlines.

For your convenience in planning your event, please download this PDF version of a sample budget. Thank you for considering a BCSA Sponsored Event!