Board of Directors

Your 2017-2018 Board of Directors

Working for You

Have the Board work for you. If you would like to contribute, please send your suggestions to one of the Board Members at the right. Remember Borderlines will also have notices of recent policy decisions, minutes etc. If you would like to comment on anything published in Borderlines, please refer to the issue number and page number.

If you have concerns or items that need to be discussed by the board, please send them to the BCSA Corresponding Secretary or to any of the board members and ask that they are placed on the agenda.

Email to send an email to all Board Members.

Linda Ramas

President: Bio

Kathy Sours

Corr. Secretary, Bio

Barbara Palmer

Board Member, Bio

Danielle Davis

Vice President, Bio

Suzanne LeRoy

Recording Secretary, Bio

Robert Tainsh

Board Member, Bio

Adrian Smith

Treasurer, Bio

Lisa Pruka

AKC Delegate, Bio

Ronni Delay

Past President, Bio