BCSA Members' Dogs Health Research

Potential Testing Reimbursement

The board voted at the Nov. 11, 2006 meeting to consider requests for reimbursement from individuals who spend money on health research contributions involving their own dogs. For example, if someone has a litter of puppies affected by a disease under research, and that person spends their own money to have blood samples collected and shipped to the researcher, BCSA will consider reimbursing that person for the expenses, up to 50%, on a case-by-case basis. This benefit is only available to BCSA members.

Individuals wishing to request reimbursement should send a written description of the work and documentation of the expenses. BCSA guarantees anonymity of the requester as much as is feasible (e.g. the requester’s name or location will not appear in board minutes, and board members reviewing the application will not disclose the person’s identity to anyone outside of the board). However requests cannot be completely anonymous, because we need to know to whom to write the reimbursement check, and we are obligated to keep accurate records of how all club monies are spent. If anonymity is of great concern in a particular case, BCSA would consider working through the researcher or veterinarian, as long as a professional could document and guarantee how the money is being utilized. Send all applications and inquiries to the Corresponding Secretary.