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BCSA Members-Only Facebook Group

The group’s purpose is to share information about our very versatile and outstanding Border Collie, to promote the activities of the BCSA and encourage and welcome new members, to promote and preserve our breed and maintain its “fit for function” herding attributes in addition to all other virtues enjoyed by us, the Border Collie enthusiasts. This group is for BCSA members of good standing. Only BCSA members can post and read posts in this group.

Please do not post any advertisements of puppies or dogs for sale.

Click here to request to join the group. Enjoy the group, and we look forward to your positive participation.

Administrators: Lorna Hastings Menaker, Frances Hannan, Jamie Jackson Swanson, Stephanie McLoughlin, Amy Novak, Kathy Sours


BCSA General Facebook Page

This page is open to any Facebook member with an interest in Border Collies.

Mission: To promote public knowledge of the Border Collie; to further health research and understanding; to promote quality Border Collies and emphasize the breed’s unique characteristics; to encourage local clubs and events; to publish educational materials about care, health, breeding, training; foster interest in training, exhibiting and trialing Border Collies; assist Border Collie rescue organizations; promote good fellowship and sportsmanship; conduct licensed specialty shows and trials.