I was blessed to be a part of the introduction of our breed into the AKC conformation ring over 20 years ago. I was further blessed in my early years in the sport to have met many fine Border Collie breeders from the UK, Australia, and New Zealand that aided me in learning to evaluate function and structure and training for Border Collies. I have had a part in participating with a wonderful group of people, many are members in the BCSA, to establish good breeding programs in the US. Our US breeders have worked to improve structure and temperament, to hold onto the qualities in the lines they have obtained, and to reduce the incidence of genetic related disease in the lines they run on. I understand the time and effort that goes into a sound breeding program to produce the best Border Collies. A great Border Collie may not have perfect markings, but he/she will have a sound structure, a good temperament, and a willingness to work with his owner on a given task.

I purchased my first Border Collie, Belle, in 1976, when I was a senior at Texas A&M. My AKC registered prefix is Bluechip, and I have bred, trained and handled multiple AKC Champions of Record and to titles in various performance venues. I live on a small farm, where I maintain a flock of Dorper/Katadan cross sheep for training my dogs. I am approved to judge Border Collies and several other AKC herding breeds, including Australian Shepherds and Shetland Sheepdogs. I am also a licensed AKC herding judge. I have a certificate in veterinary technology for companion animals.