Nominations for judges for the 2019 BCSA Nationals will be open May 10 – May 25, 2018. The nomination process this year is being conducted using the online service Election Buddy, and all voting members will be receiving voting instructions by email through this service on 05/10/2018. Please check the email address you have on file with Membership for your vote and, if necessary, your junk mail. If you fail to receive your ballot, please contact the Treasurer at for your personal voting instructions along with your name, address on file with Membership, and email address.

The Judges Selection Committee has selected and validated Election Buddy as its service of choice for conducting the judge selection process. It is secure, each voting member has one unique voting key assigned to them to prevent any voting irregularities, and it should ensure a smooth and fair judge selection process. The vote is being conducted in accordance with current judge selection policies.