Top 20 Conformation Event

Top Twenty
Come one, come all to the 2018 BCSA top twenty celebration on Friday November 2, 2018 to celebrate all dogs, champions or NOT!!! If they mattered to you, they matter today! 

The 2018 BCSA top twenty celebration will be held upstairs in the Founders Room at Purina Farms, on Friday, November 2nd. The presentation starts at 6:00 pm but festivities will start at 4:30 pm.

This year’s theme was inspired by several things, such as the change in dates from early September to the end of October, as well as our strong love of those dogs who came before us, because without them we would not have a Top 20 today! While many of you may not know about our theme, we will help you learn and celebrate! This year’s theme is Dia de los Muertos
or “Day of the Dead”.

It is a common belief in Mexican culture that the dead would be insulted by mourning and sadness, and that they would prefer to be celebrated instead! Considering the dogs’ general love for life and for us, we feel this ideology could not be more fitting. Dia de los Muertos celebrates life, not death, with food, drink, parties, music, and festivities that the dead would have enjoyed! Dia de los Muertos recognizes that death is a natural part of human (dog) experience. It’s a continuum of birth, childhood, and growing up. On Dia de los Muertos the dead are believed to be awakened from their eternal slumber to share in the celebrations with the ones who loved them.

This year’s Top 20 is a place where friends and competitors can gather together for video presentations of the Top 20 dogs both past and present, food, music and a good time. If you want to learn more about Dia de los Muertos in a fun way, watch Disney’s movie COCO!

The People’s Choice Award is also getting a bit of a remodel. You will still be able to purchase votes, but this year there will be as many ways as we can think of for you to earn them! From volunteering to pick up flowers, to helping with face painting, to wining High In Trial on the herding field, we will be handing out votes like candy (pun intended). If you help us in ANY way we will be glad to give you tickets so you can support your People’s Choice candidate!

There will be NO dinner or food of any kind AT the event, but we cordially invite everyone to join us for street tacos and beverages (a Mexican tradition) out behind the Purina Event Center between 4:30 pm-5:30 pm, before the event starts at 6:00 pm. Food is free of charge, with donations welcome.

A cash bar will be up at the event as well as a candy bar as party favors.

There are two ways to get into the event:
#1 Purchase an Ofrenda
The Offender is a small personal altar honoring one person or dog. Ofrendas often have flowers, candles, food, drinks, photos, or personal mementos to remember those who have passed over. It is also believed that these items are things they get to take back with them to the other side. The Top 20 dogs will receive their ofrenda with complimentary pictures of their

This year, to help raise money for the event, you can purchase an ofrendas for $15.00. This will include an electric candle, flowers, a picture (emailed to us by you – we will print) and entrance for one person to the event.

You are encouraged to bring personal items for your dog’s ofrenda, which can be set up starting at 3:00 pm. Alternatively, you can bring them to Kyle or Heather Henisey thoughout the week for us to set up for you. Please make sure your box of items is labeled with your dog’s name, your name and phone number (in case we have questions).

The left is an example of the ofrenda that is supplied for your $15. The right is an example of some items you can bring to personalize your dogs offend.


#2 Purchase an entrance ticket
If no ofrenda is purchased prior to October 15th, you are still welcome to come! There will be a $5.00 entry fee to the event at the door, per person.

Ofrienda decoration 3:00 pm
Street Tacos 4:30 pm

QUESTIONS: All Conformation Top 20 inquiries or questions about the event should be addressed to: Kyle and Heather Henisey at

Qualifying Dogs
The following dogs have qualified for the 2018 BCSA Top 20 Conformation Event in accordance with the AKC Breed Rankings from May 1, 2018 – April 30, 2018, with at least one owner being a member in good standing with BCSA during the same qualifying period.

A personalized invitation will be sent out to the primary owner list with AKC. All past winners are eligible for competition. All dogs are eligible for the “People’s Choice Award.”

GCHG Avatar Bayshore Dare Ewe to Be A Hot Shot CA
GCHB Avatar Bayshore Now You See Me RN PT NA NAJ CA BCAT ACT2 DJ CGC
GCHB Bon-Clyde’s Valley Belle CGC
GCH Bon-Clyde’s Script’s Grand Finale
GCHS Borderton Untold Desires CD RE HSAs CA RATO CGC TKI
GCHS Hot Shot Dare Ewe
GHCB Jule Too’s Not for the Faint of Heart CD BN DS
GCHP2 Majestic Elite Clever Endeavor PT
GCHB Noblestarzz The Sky’s the Limit
GCHS Prairie Fire’s Charismatic Aces N’ 8’s By Bayshore
GCH PowerHouse’s Bad Meets Evil
GCHS PowerHouse’s Superstition HSAs
GCHG Riveredge N Heronwood Ura Sportingfield
GCHS CH Sporting Fields Oh No Mister Bill
GCHB Sporting Fields Royal Heir
GCHS Stonewood’s Honorable Sir Of Fenwick TKN
GCHB Stonesriver’s All About the Bounce
GCH Story Rex Opus One
GCHS Snowfire Winter Snow Princess
GCHB Sweet Doll of SR

This year we will also be inviting the Top 20 Owner Handled dogs to compete for Top 20 Best Owner Handled Dog. There will be some cross over, as some dogs will be invited as both general Top 20 dogs as well as Owner Handled Top 20 dogs. Only those dogs who have qualified via the Owner Handler Top 20 Ranking and are shown at Top 20 by their Owner Handlers will qualify for this award. Eligibility will be in accordance with the AKC Breed Rankings from May 1, 2018 – April 30, 2018, and at least one owner being a member in good standing with BCSA during the same qualifying period.

CH Avatar’s Chase the Moon @ Bayshore PT RATS
GCH TC Brittemar Sportingfield Tall Tale at Solachi RN HSAsc HSBds HIAs HXAds HXBd MXB MJB NF
GCH Clan Karola The Best or Nothing FDC
GCH Copper Ridge Sister Mary Margaret
GCH Echowyn Testla Eye of the Storm CGC
GCH HiTop’s Dark Side of the Moon CGC TKA
CH Hot Shot Flirting With Danger
GCH Hot Shot Wrapped Around Your Finger NA NAJ
GCH Jule Too’s Echos of the Past
CH Lookout Extra Dirty
GCH Majestic HofRH’s Troubled Skyes
GCH Majestic Polaris Ever So Clever from Hamilton
GCH Pawcific Dream Date HSAs
Pineledge Our Lady Outlaw Pearl Hart
GCHS Prairie Fire’s Charismatic Aces ’N 8’s By Bayshore
CH Sportingfield Island Breeze
GCHS Sportingfields Oh No Mr. Bill
GCH Sporting Fields Wheel of Fortune OA OAJ
GCHS Stonewood’s Honorable Sir of Fenwick TKN
GCHB Versailles Annie Get Your Gun

Eligible competitors please contact Kyle and Heather Henisey ( with the following information:

  • Owner(s), Phone, Email, Breeder(s) that you wish to appear to appear to the public the night of the event
  • Dogs Name as you wish it to appear on the rosette (only AKC titles will be included)
  • Call Name
  • Sex
  • Color
  • Date of Birth
  • Song choice
  • A lot of pictures as we will be preparing a slide show for each dog during their song
  • Short Bio (approx. 200 words)
  • 3-Generation Pedigree if not already on
  • Color Photos (300dpi or greater) Two pictures – one stacked profile photo and one movementshot preferred to appear with your dog that night
  • Please note that photos may be cropped

TO PAY ENTRIES: Click here
Purchase Ofrenda ($15 each) Click here
Purchase seat only ($5 each) Click here
QUESTIONS: All Conformation Top 20 inquiries or
questions about the event should be addressed to the CoChairs:
Heather and Kyle Henisey –