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Platinum $100 The National Specialty will fund trophies with levels of sponsorship. Donations will go to a general fund to be used for all venues as needed. All donors received by 9/28/18 will be listed in the National Specialty Catalog and on the BCSA website.
We will list your name as well as the text you want to go with your donation. Thank you for donating! If you have any questions, contact Lisa Pruka, redborders@msn.com or 815-494-0384.

Because of “promise to pay” problems in the past, we are only allowing on-line forms and credit card payments.

Diamond $75
Gold $50
Silver $25
Bronze $15
Tin $10
Nickel $5


Donations for National Specialty
  • Trophy Donations

  • If you plan to pay by check, BEFORE YOU CLICK SUBMIT, please print this page now using your browser's PRINT option. Mail a copy of it, along with a check made payable to BCSA, c/o Adrian Smith, to: Trophy Donations, c/o Adrian Smith, P.O. Box 940322, Simi Valley, CA 93094