RV Parking & Rentals 2018


RV Parking Chair Bob Keenan


There is a fee for RV parking at Purina Farms.
You must pre-register for RV parking. (No tent camping is allowed.)
ALL SPACES WILL BE PRE-ASSIGNED ACCORDING TO RV LENGTH. Paid reservations must be postmarked no later than 10/12/2018. No refunds will be issued after this date. If you send an overnight delivery, do so without a signature delivery.

All RV overnight guests are asked to check in upon arrival with the BCSA RV Chair if during normal hours of operation or with Purina Farms Security by calling 636-221-1428 to be escorted to their RV spot. You will be given your required parking tag for the RV and one vehicle. All RVs and accompanying cars must have visible parking tags provided by the BCSA Chairperson or Purina Farms security. These will be provided by the RV Chair when you check in. One additional vehicle is permitted overnight per RV space reserved.

  • No parking of additional vehicles in your assigned space overnight is allowed.
  • No reserving parking spaces will be allowed. This means no cones, ropes, string, other vehicles, x-pens, mats or any other means of reserving a parking space. All RV parking is on a pre-pay reservation basis.
  • No holding or changing spaces without the RV Chairman’s approval.
  • All vehicles must be self-contained.
  • Each parking space offers full hookups including electricity, water, and sewer.
  • Compliance with parking personnel is mandatory.
  • Must be courteous when parking. Leave room for your slide-outs, awnings, and vehicles.
  • Payment in full is required with reservation. Fee: $35 per night if staying 1-4 nights and $30 per night if staying 5+ nights.
  • Checks payable to BCSA.
  • Mail to RV Parking Chair Bob Keenan, 1558 Ave McMillan Rd, Dacula, GA 30019, mbkeenan1@comcast.net, or you may register and pay online.

*BCSA Cannot reserve spots before October 29. To do so, you need to contact the UKC Chair.*

There is a UKC Gateway Nationals event prior to our National which uses the entire RV lot and some of the Overflow section. If you arrive prior to Noon Monday 10/29/2018, you will be assigned a spot in the Overflow section until Monday when your RV can be moved to your assigned primary section space. IF you are having a rental RV delivered BEFORE 10/29 it will be set up in Overflow section then can be moved to primary RV lot on 10/29. Please be sure to confirm with your RV rental company if you will be charged an additional fee for moving the RV if necessary.

UKC RV contact information:

Hannah Cella
Show Operations Coordinator
United Kennel Club
Direct Line: 269.381.9105
UKC Main Line: 269.343.9020
RV space registration can be found here.

Online RV reservations are closed.