General Specialty Entry Fee Policies

AKC Fees: see each venue premium list for info on AKC recording and event fees that are included in the entry fee.

Refund Policies: There will be no refund for duplicate entries. There will be no refund in the event that a dog is absent, disqualified, excused by Veterinarian or judge or barred from competition by action of the Show Committee. No entry fees will be refunded if the Show cannot open or be completed by reason of riots, civil disturbances, fire, extreme and/or dangerous weather conditions, an Act of God, public emergency, act of a public enemy, strikes or any other cause beyond the control of the Club or the Show Secretary. Refunds WILL be given for bitches in heat, please see each premium for details. Any and all refund checks will be mailed after the specialty.

Foreign exhibitors must submit entries with checks drawn on U.S. accounts or in U.S. funds.

Returned checks do not constitute a valid entry fee. Each Show Secretary will add a collection fee of $20 to the amount of each returned check. Subsequent returned checks from the same exhibitors may result in their being put on a CASH ONLY basis.

Conditional Entries: No entry shall be made and no entry shall be accepted which specifies any condition as to its acceptance. Entries will not be accepted without fees or signatures.

Change of Entry: Changes, additions or corrections to entry forms must be received in writing or by email or telegram prior to close of entries. Those received by telephone are not acceptable. It is the exhibitor’s responsibility to verify receipt of change or cancellation notice. An administrative fee of $6 will be charged for all cancellations or changes made prior to closing of entries.