2018 National Specialty

October 29-November 4, 2018

2018 BCSA National Specialty 

October 29 – November 4, 2018

PLEASE NOTE: Premiums will not be mailed this year. They will be available on the BCSA website or superintendents’ websites. If you cannot access the site or desire a hard copy, please contact the show chairs or the appropriate venue secretary.

Karen Marquardt and Janice Swofford are the co-chairs of the BCSA 2018 National Specialty. To contact them by email, click on their names above and offer to volunteer or share ideas.

This year we are going to try a couple of new things.  We feel camaraderie is very important and are going to try to get some going at Nationals.   This year we are going to have 3 contests.

·        Photo contest – no cost to enter this so we should get lots of good pictures.

1.     At work

2.     At play

We will also be doing a Fall & Family Festival decorating contest in the:

1.     Grooming area

2.     RV area

 As far as the decorating you can do Fall, Halloween, whatever.  Your setups do need to be tactful.  There will be ribbons for the Grooming and RV areas.  Best in Show and Reserve Best in Show.  Also working on $50 Gift certificate from a vendor  for Grooming and RV winners.  

Lisa Pruka is doing the Photo contest. 

 In the Welcome bag will be 3 voting cards, one for each contest.  They will be different colors so you will be able to find them easy in the bag.  We will have a designated place to turn these votes in. TBD.  

 Lets get the camaraderie going and see who can decorate the best setups.  I look forward to see what everyone comes up with.

 Janice Swofford, Co-Chair

Days Left Before the 2018 BCSA National Specialty!








Health Testing

This year at the BCSA National, there will be several new things happening. We will still be having the OFA, CAER, & BAER testing available, but will also be adding OFA Hips & Elbows, Patella, Heart, Dentition.

BAER Testing

Thursday, Nov. 1,  9 am
Dr. Don York
$45 per dog – BCSA member
$50 per dog – Non Member
Would like to see 30-50 dogs


CAER Testing

Thursday, Nov. 1, Noon
Dr. Ben Johnson
$35 first dog – BCSA member
$30 two dogs or more – BCSA member
$40 – Non Member
We need 45-50 dogs.


OFA Hips, Elbows, Patellas, and Heart Testing

Thursday, Nov. 1, ALL day
Dr. Brandon Sinn
Dr. Sinn has a mobile vet clinic that will be set up close to the Service Center (red building).

$60 per dog – Hip
$60 per dog – Elbow
$15 per dog – Patellas
$15 per dog – Cardiac
$15 per dog – Dentition

We need 100 dogs for him to come

 Health Testing Chair

Jeanette Jolly
Please call, text or email Jeanette to make your appointments.
(503) 250-1715

Click here to register

Health Testing Survey Results

I also did a survey to see how people felt about semen collection and storage, Mobile vet clinic for OFA hips and elbows, a speaker and a Genetic health testing company. Below are the results from those that answered.

Survey Results

Would you use the service of a mobile OFA clinic that can do hips, elbows, patellas and cardiac? Price is very reasonable

Answered: 75
Skipped: 0

Answer Choices/Responses

Yes: 72.00%    (54)

No: 28.00%     (21)

TOTAL:  75

Would you use the service of a sperm collection and bank?

Answered: 71
Skipped: 4

Answer Choices/Responses

Yes: 43.66%     (31)

No: 56.34%     (40)


Would you use the service of a genetic testing company at National?

Answered: 70
Skipped: 5

Answer Choices/Responses

Yes: 78.57%     (55)

No: 21.43%     (15)


Would you come listen to a speaker talk at National about a topic we choose?

Answered: 69
Skipped: 6

Answer Choices/Responses

Yes: 89.86%     (62)

No: 10.14%     (7)


I also did a survey to see what you would like a speaker to discuss; this is the results of that survey. So I will be locating a speaker on movement/structure.

Movement/Structure: 32
Canine Reproduction/Whelping/Puppy Intensive Care: 16
Chiropractic/Massage: 10
Health Care Issues for Canine Athletes: 9
Health Care Issues/Testing: 7
Nutrition During Pregnancy/Whelping: 3
Epilepsy: 3
Narrow Angle Glaucoma: 1

UpDog Challenge

UpDog @ the 2018 National Specialty is OPEN for Pre-Registration!!

Disc + Agility + Border Collies = FUN!

When: Tuesday Oct 30 10am-4:30pm

Where: Working Dog/Flying Disc Field

Games: Frizgility, 4WayPlay, Funkey and 7up

If you and your dog would like to compete in this event or just give the games a try check out the details at the link below.

UpDog Challenge Registration



National Specialties scheduled through 2020 will be held at Purina Farms, Gray Summit, Mo.

  • 2019: Oct. 27 – Nov. 3
  • 2020: Oct. 25 – Nov. 2