Wade Campbell

Board Member

My name is Wade Campbell and I earn my living as an attorney doing estate planning and administration. We live on a few acres not far from Dallas, Texas, where my first pure-bred dog was a Great Dane puppy, Duke, which I purchased in June of 1969. I enrolled him in an obedience class, enjoyed it very much and took him to a UDT. Unfortunately, Duke’s life span turned out to be very short. I decided to change to a breed which had a longer life span and chose Belgian Malinois. I had three Malinois and put CDXs and TDs on two of them, and a CD and TD on the third.

In 1998, I switched to Border Collies and got involved in herding. I have both sheep and cattle and use my dogs to manage them. I have trained and trialed all of my five Border Collies to the level of AKC Herding Champion. I compete in herding events sanctioned by AKC, AHBA , the Texas Sheepdog Association and USBCHA. I have served three terms as President of the North Central Texas Herding Dog Association and am currently serving my third term as a director of BCSA. We have competed in herding trials from Georgia to Oregon, and from Texas to Wisconsin. My wife, Mary, has Shelties, which she trials in obedience, rally and agility.

My focus with the Border Collie is on its herding ability and my goal is to help maintain and improve the Border Collie as the premier sheepdog of the world.

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