Owner: Joyce Norris

OFFSPRING of: HC Norwood K Mac's Mad About Ewe TD AXP AJP, (F), DL794444/02
Date of Birth: 5/5/1999
Colour & Markings: Black Tricolor
Breeder: Kathleen McHugh
Owner: Joyce Norris

LITTER #1. DOB:8/4/2001, MATE: WTCH Norwood's Leader of the Pack CD HSAsd HSBs HIAds HIBs HXAds, (M), DL681332/01
1. Norwood Capatare Star Travlr CD, (M), DL886744/01
2. HC Norwood Custom Design NAJ, (F), DL886744/05
3. Norwood's All That Jazz UD TD, (), DL886744/03
4. Norwood's Driven By Fate HSAs HSBs MX MXJ HTD-Is, (F), DL886744/04
5. Norwood's Zane , (), DL886744/02

LITTER #2. DOB:12/3/2003, MATE: DhuMoor Dakota CD HSAs AX AXJ, (M), DL581152/01
1. Norwood Sammy McDonald , (), DN059226/04
2. Norwood Winthrop Upon A Rock CD RN HSAd HSBd AX AXJ OF, (M), DN059226/03
3. Norwood's Dodge 'Em All , (), DN059226/01
4. Norwood's Jack Of All Trades CDX RE PT OA AXJ NF, (M), DN059226/02
5. Norwood's Kissed By An Angel HSAds, (F), DN059226/05

LITTER #3. DOB:8/3/2004, MATE: HC JusDandy Jaydee ABC 203265, (M), DL914616/01
1. Norwood Ats What Im Talking About , (), DN084389/02
2. Norwood Carried Away By Ewe HSAds HSBs, (F), DN084389/01
3. Norwood's Biggest Rival CD PT MX MXJ XF, (), DN084389/03

LITTER #4. DOB:7/15/2006, MATE: HC JusDandy Jaydee ABC 203265, (M), DL914616/01
1. Norwood A2M Chance , (), DN153673/06
2. Norwood Bettin On Ewe , (), DN153673/02
3. Norwood Straight Arrow CD, (), DN153673/05
4. Norwood Vigilence & Valor , (), DN153673/03
5. Norwood's Ewe Rock , (), DN153673/01
6. Norwood's Linux Hypervisor OA NAJ, (F), DN153673/04

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