The Nominating Committee is pleased to announce its slate of officers for the 2019-2020 Board of Directors. This is a very dynamic group of individuals who we believe will work well together for the benefit of BCSA. Complete biographies of all candidates are available below.

President – Suzanne LeRoy CA
Vice President – Mark Solinger OH
Treasurer – Adrian Smith CA
Recording Secretary – Barbara Palmer TX
Corresponding Secretary – Karen Mull PA
Board Member – Kari Streicher OH
Board Member – Kendra Hayes FL
AKC Delegate – Lisa Pruka IL
Past President – Linda Ramas IL


Nominating Committee
Lisa Pruka, chair
Carolyn Biondi, Gayle Bock, Lyndsay Moxon-Stacey, Carla Popeney

Biographies of Candidates:


Suzanne LeRoy, CA — President

Suzanne LeRoy, CPDT-KA, CNWI, CTDI , CA — President

AKC Conformation Judge (Border Collies), AKC Scent Work Judge, AKC Farm Dog Judge, AKC CGC & Trick Dog Evaluator, Certified Professional Dog Trainer, Certified Nose Work Instructor, Certified Trick Dog Instructor

Hi BCSA Members, I am Suzanne LeRoy and I’m running for the position of President for the BCSA. First and foremost, thank you to the nominating committee for the nomination. I am very excited at the prospect of becoming BCSA president.

I would like to bring some of what makes us unique as Border Collie owners to the forefront of the club. We are smart because we choose Border Collies as our breed. Border Collies are smart and love to learn, so I’d like to focus on education. This is done through sharing what we learn, and keeping members informed so we can help build ideas that can develop into new roads for the future of our club, the breed we love and the dog sports we enjoy. Let’s highlight member’s accomplishments to inspire. Education and collaboration can build great companies, create great movies and enhance great dog clubs.

I’ve been actively involved in the Border Collie breed for 16 years. I am a long-time member of the BCSA (I found emails dating back to 2004). I recently became the BCSA recording secretary. I presented Judge’s Education at the BCSA Nationals two years ago, Judged Sweeps at the Nationals and have served on the Judge’s selection committee since 2015. I am current President of the Border Collie Club of Greater Los Angeles (my 5th time elected), and have chaired many of our BCCGLA Border Collie Specialties and Herding trials. We have a great group of members that enjoy working together. That is what I look forward to with the BCSA. I’m currently a Board Member of the Antelope Valley Kennel Club and teach their Handling, Scent Work and Trick Dog classes. I’m a Board member of the Southern California Kennel Owners and Breeders Association. We are a small group that recently provided every fire station in the Antelope Valley with oxygen masks for dogs. Our group is also actively involved in legislation helping Breeders of purebred dogs. Working together we are able to accomplish a lot.    

I worked in the motion picture industry for over 30 years. As Vice President of international marketing for Sony Pictures, I would correspond daily to persnickety movie executives worldwide. I’m a member of the Writer’s Guild of America, the Will Rogers Motion Picture Pioneers Foundation and have lectured at the University of Southern California. I worked with the MPAA Ratings Board in the appeals process (listening to Steven Spielberg plead his case for a PG-13 and not an R rating for one of his films).

My Border Collie background has focused on my love of this very versatile breed. I show and compete with my Border Collies in conformation, herding, agility, rally, obedience and nosework/scentwork. I have been incredibly blessed with the very best teachers, mentors and friends throughout the dog world. Because of this, my dogs have done very well in competition and have earned numerous awards. I have 2 Dual Champions and have owner handled 9 of my dogs to their Championships. I’ve paired down to only owning 4 Border Collies from age 2 to 15.

My dog hobby is now my profession. Recently I became an AKC Border Collie Judge. I’m also an AKC Scent Work Judge, AKC Farm Dog Judge, AKC CGC and Trick Dog Evaluator. And what do all those initials after my name mean? Lots of education. I’m a certified Professional Dog Trainer – Knowledge Assessed, Certified Nose Work Instructor and Certified Trick Dog Instructor.  Most of my professional work now is training service dogs, but I still work with rescues, training problem dogs for placement in their new forever homes.

Border Collies can be serious workers, but they love to play. As your president I will put forth a great work effort, but also hope to bring some levity to our club. I would love to serve the BCSA membership. Thank you.

Mark Solinger, OH — Vice President

Mark Solinger, OH Vice President

Hi, I am running for vice president of BCSA. My wife, Tricia, and I got our first Border Collie in 2008. We loved Schultz so much that he is now one of 10 BCs in our home. Schultz is my agility partner. He and I have tried out for the world team twice, have gone to the AKC NAC five times and have been in the BCSA Top 20 four times. Tricia and I serve on the agility committee for BCSA, running the rings. Our dogs also participate in conformation, obedience, rally and we look forward to expanding the activities. Professionally I was the Operations Manager for eight veterinary clinics. I am now a Vet District Manager for Royal Canin. I would love to bring my business experience and passion for versatility of the breed to the board of directors.

Adrian Smith, CA — Treasurer

Adrian Smith, CA — Treasurer

Many thanks to the Nominating Committee for asking me to continue to serve as Treasurer for Border Collie Society of America. I have built upon the good work of my predecessor during my first term as Treasurer, utilizing modern recordkeeping technologies to ensure transparency of the club’s finances and financial accountability to the membership. A complete review of the club’s finances was undertaken at the start of my tenure as Treasurer highlighting a number of financial inefficiencies. These have since been addressed in partnership with the Board resulting in total annual savings of around $4,000 for the club. If elected to a second term, I will ensure continued sound fiscal stewardship of the club’s finances.

On a personal level, my admiration for the Border Collie originated as a child in England where I had the opportunity to observe them working and trialing. I have had Border Collies since 2011, and am active with the Border Collie Club of Greater Los Angeles where I have been Treasurer since 2013 and have chaired numerous herding trials. My own efforts at herding have been developing over the last couple of years; I still have a long way to go, but my boy Buck and I are enjoying the journey!

My wife and I breed occasionally under the Rigel kennel name, having had our first litter at the start of 2018. Our dogs are from conformation lines, and we show in conformation where we have had some success.

Barbara Palmer, TX — Recording Secretary

Barbara Palmer, TX — Recording Secretary

I purchased my first Border Collie, Belle, in 1976 when I was a senior at Texas A&M. There was no registry in the United States at that time, and all the dogs that came into the area had close relatives imported from the United Kingdom. I had just completed a one-hour credit course in herding dog training, where we had each taken a pup and worked with it during the semester to socialize it and start its training. I have continually owned a Border Collie since that time.

I have volunteered with the BCSA in many positions including: National Specialty co-Chair, Herding Trial Chair, standing as a post at the obedience trials, and hauling water at the herding trials. Through all the jobs I have performed at Nationals, big or small, I enjoy the creativity and enthusiasm of all the workers and exhibitors. This spirit makes every National a special place in the history of the Club and the breed, keeps the club moving forward, and contributes to maintaining the Border Collie a sound, healthy, biddable pure-bred herding dog.

My AKC registered prefix is Bluechip, and I have bred, trained, and handled multiple AKC Champions of Records, as well as dogs with advanced titles in various performance venues. I maintain a small flock of sheep for training my dogs. I am approved to judge Border Collies and several other AKC herding breeds, including Australian Shepherds and Shelties. I am also a licensed AKC herding judge.

I have been involved with BCSA judge’s education and served on the BCSA health and affiliate club committees. I founded and belong to the Bluebonnet Border Collie Club of Texas and have been an officer and multiple herding event chair for the North Central Texas Herding Dog Association. I belong to the Greater Collin Kennel Club, and served for three years as recording secretary, officer and board member. I look forward to our future as an organization and to serving the BCSA.

Karen J. Mull, PA — Corresponding Secretary

Karen J. Mull, PA — Corresponding Secretary

I am co-owner of the Hounds of Rabbit Hill with my husband of 17 years, Donald. I have had the privilege of raising Border Collies for the last 25 years. I started showing them 15 years ago, but then took a 8-year hiatus from showing. I started showing blue merle Border Collies in 2012 and now I have two grand champions, and working on my third. I have worked with dogs all my life, raising my mixed breeds when I was young and working in a Golden Retriever Kennel for my first job in high school. After college, I groomed for several years professionally.  Now I just raise and show my furry kids, and I hope to have my first litter within the next year.

Kari Streicher, OH — Board Member

Kari Streicher, OH — Board Member

My life long love of dogs led me to my first breed Parson Russell Terriers. After acquiring my first dog in 1989, I pursued breeding and showed in assorted venues such as conformation, agility, racing, flyball & go to ground. After being introduced to Border Collies, I purchased my first one in 1998. Since I was very involved with my previous breed, it was only natural for me to pursue the same with Border Collies. Even though I am currently active in conformation showing, I also enjoy training with an eye toward competing in herding, obedience & agility. 

I am a professional dog groomer with 24 years experience and currently have my own grooming shop. In the near future, I will be opening a dog bakery and building a dog training center. With 20+ years experience researching dog nutrition, I plan to use my expertise in providing healthy treats for dogs. 

I am a co-founder of the Nutmeg Border Collie Club and serve on the board as Vice President. I have always attended & shown at our regional Specialty and am currently in charge of providing the prizes for this show. 

It is vitally important to me to maintain the original temperament & correct structure for which the Border Collie justly is famous.

Kendra Hayes, FL — Board Member

Kendra Hayes, FL — Board Member

I was born and raised in a whelping box. My parents have been breeding and showing BIS and BISS winning Chow Chows my entire life. My mother quickly realized that keeping me entertained outside the ring without locking me in a crate was near to impossible. So, I officially became a little ‘assistant’ to anyone who needed me. At nine I was given a Silky Terrier for Junior Showmanship. At 13, another Silky was sent my way and he got me my first group placements. This pattern continued, and I soon found myself professionally handling Silky Terriers. I have always admired my mother and her vast accomplishments as a Breeder/Owner/Handler so with each new achievement I gained on a client dog (group wins, specialty wins, top twenty wins) my desire to do it all as a Breeder/Owner/Handler grew.

By my mid-twenties I had handled many different breeds, but I always had a deep appreciation for the herding and working dogs. This love ended up bringing a gorgeous Greater Swiss Mountain Dog into my life. She finished quickly, and we soon found ourselves drawn to adventures outside the conformation ring. We tried weight pulling, which she adored, then we decided to try herding. Tabitha was a bit unimpressed by this adventure, I on the other hand was fascinated. More so after I saw the way the Border Collies worked.

Over the next two years I began to pay closer attention to the Border Collies at the shows, talking to (maybe even harassing) Wally Rice and a few others about them. In 2008 I got my first Border Collie. In 2010 I was lucky enough to head to Scotland for two weeks, one of which was spent at a sheep farm on the Isle of Lewis. It was an amazing experience and truly cemented my love of the breed. Today, I live with seven Border Collies and a flock of ducks on a five-acre farm. Five of those BCs are my bred-bys under the prefix Arcane. I still consider myself an utter newbie regarding herding, but I am determined to keep learning and begin checking off some achievements in that venue soon.

Over the years I have served in various clubs and positions.  I have served on the Board of the Sunshine State Herding Group Association since winter of 2015. Our shows are held at two very large clusters, the Sunshine State Cluster in June and the cluster before the AKC National Championships in December. Our entries numbers make us the largest Herding Specialty show in the country. I also believe in giving back to the sport I love and play an active role in mentoring Juniors. I am very honored and would like to thank the BCSA Nominating Committee for asking me to serve. I look forward to serving the BCSA to the best of my abilities.

Lisa Pruka, IL — AKC Delegate

Lisa Pruka, IL  — AKC Delegate

I was elected to the position of AKC delegate in 2017 and I was approved as a member of the delegate body for the June 2017 meeting. At that first meeting, I made history when I was appointed to fill a vacancy on the Herding, Earthdog, Lure Coursing Committee. I was re-elected to serve on the committee at the September delegate meeting. Prior to becoming the delegate, I served on the BCSA board as vice president, president, past president and as a board member.

I have actively shown my dogs in herding, obedience, rally, conformation and tracking. I am an AKC herding judge and an evaluator for the AKC ACT program. I have also judged sweepstakes at the national specialty and at two regional specialties.

My interest in Border Collies has been extensive since I got my first dog in 1997. I maintain a pedigree collection that includes the complete studbook prior to AKC recognition. I also compiled the original material for the ROM program on the BCSA website.

I am a co-founding member of both the Northern IL Stock Dog Club and the Heartland Border Collie Club of IL. I currently serve as treasurer for both clubs.

I look forward to continuing to serve as the AKC Delegate for BCSA

Linda Fuzak Ramas, IL — Past President

Linda Fuzak Ramas, IL — Past President

I have been fortunate to serve on the BCSA Board of Directors as Recording Secretary, Corresponding Secretary and this past term as President. I am very honored and humbled to serve this next term as Past President.

I joined BCSA in 2006 when I received my first Border Collie, Score. My husband surprised me with him for my birthday. I remember my first experience with BCSA at the National Specialty. From there I was hooked. I have five (5) Border Collies and recently lost my wonderful Ian. He was a gentle soul and we just loved him to pieces. I currently do herding with Score and starting Gia on her quest to become a herding dog. I spent many years doing agility but herding is what I found to be the sport for us at this time.

Also during my years with BCSA, I have chaired two specialties, chaired rally and conformation. I eagerly look forward to going every year to see and meet new people.

I believe the Nominating Committee did an excellent slate for the next term and I want to thank them for their efforts. I served on a previous nominating committee and it is a very difficult job to put a slate together of individuals that will serve in the best interests of BC