Board Meeting/Conference Call - 8:05 p.m. EST

First Meeting of the Newly Elected BCSA Board

President Fran Hoffman called the meeting to order at 8:05 ET.

Present: Vice President Denise Teal, Secretary Sharon Ferguson, Treasurer Marit Marino, Past President Joyce Herie, Board Members: Emily Czapek and Nancy Little


The November 30, 2000 minutes are being tabled until the next board meeting as they need to be approved by the previous board.

Sharon Ferguson received a question via e-mail from Patricia Giancaterino of the Puli Club of America requesting information regarding BCSA's advertising policy and has forwarded it to Borderline's Editor, Helen Phillips. Marit Marino suggested putting our ad policy on BCSA's web page.

Sharon will reply to Bob Tainsh's letter of inquiry regarding the disbursement of funds from the National Specialty Eye Clinic.


Balances as of 1/29/01


Checking Account

$ 1,287.00

Savings - Restricted Health Funds

$ 4,670.29

Savings - Restricted Rescue Funds

$ 1,006.02

Regular Savings





Membership: There was concern that only 274 out of 460 members have renewed. Fran Hoffman and Nancy Little suggested that reminders be sent to members that haven't renewed on postcards that state that the deadline has been extended to the end of February. Joyce Herie motioned and Emily seconded (all approved) that Sharon Ferguson contact Membership Chairman April Quist and request that she send out postcards as renewal reminders.

Specialty Budget: The National Specialty budget is in process. Nancy Little will contact Linda Baron regarding assistance with the budget.

Outstanding bills: A photography bill from the 1999 National Specialty for 149 show photos was received. The bill totalled $662. Nancy Little motioned and Sharon Ferguson seconded (all approved) that BCSA send payment of the original bill which was $339.50 plus $20 late charge. Barbara Palmer sent document proving that outstanding trophy bills to Janet Lucking have been paid.

Audit: It was suggested that Wayne Koutsky receive a copy of the last board minutes once they are approved. Emily Czapek moved and Joyce Herie seconded (all approved) that the Treasurer's report be filed for Audit.


Joyce Herie moved, Emily Czapek seconded (all approved) that BCSA separate committees into select and standing.

Versatility Program: The guidelines need clarification. The program is suspended until Tracy Sengupta finishes the revisions.

Ad policy: Helen and her committee are still working on revisions.

Denise Teal will verify if Betsy Korbonski and Glen Kothe wish to remain the Gazette columnist and BCSA parliamentarian, respectively.

Herding Advisory Committee (HAC): Claudia Frank is providing information as changes in the AKC Herding Regulations are brought up for discussion and approval.

BCSA Bylaws: the board received a draft of proposed changes from Drs. Kim Green and Lois Rifner. It was decided that further discussion is needed.

Stud Book/Open registration: AKC has granted a five year extension for registering Border Collies with the charge that we increase the number of AKC registered Border Collies. Emily Czapek is interested in joining this committee, which as of now is headed by Richard Whorton, assisted by Sharon Ferguson.

Standard Committee: Susane Hoffman is Chairperson. The Committee consists of Sandra Jones, Cathy Lester, Carolyn Herbel, Sharon Ferguson and Nancie Mages. Currently The committee is working on the preamble and General Appearance portions of the standard.

BCSA Store: Terry Hammond resigned as Chairperson. Emily Czapek suggested that the store should be considered a subcommittee of fundraising and that Nancie Mages as Fundraising Chairperson should appoint someone to be in charge of the store if she is willing to do so. All agreed. Emily will see if Nancie is willing
to take this on. Joyce Herie reported that she has some stickers with the BCSA logo.

Emily Czapek moved and Joyce seconded (all approved) that Nancy Little should have approval over any post that fit the stated policy, and would refer anything she felt necessary to the board.

General Education: AKC requires that all parent clubs have a General Education committee. Lisa
Ochoa was appointed Chair.

Judges Education: Joyce Herie was appointed the new Chairperson. Sharon Ferguson will write a letter to the Judge's Education Department at AKC and inform them that Robyn Powley is no longer a member of BCSA and therefore, no longer represents BCSA in any judges' education programs.

Breeder Referral: Bonnie Harris resigned. The possibility of having a breeder's list on the BCSA webpage was discussed.

Health/Rescue disbursement committee: Emily Czapek moved, Nancy Little seconded (all approved) to appoint Richard Whorton Chairperson . He will be asked for ideas on developing a plan to disburse funds and to write a protocol.

Ethics committee: Tabled for further discussion

Specialty Judge selection committee: tabled for further discussion.

Health Committee: Chairperson needed, preferably a veterinarian. A notice will be put on BC-Announce. It was suggested that BCSA member Chris Zink, DVM be asked.


BCSA receipts: Joyce Herie will continue as liaison with attorney Alexa Peters regarding BCSA receipts that we still haven't received from Barbara Palmer despite several requests. Marit Marino will try to contact her. She will need any supporting documentation or copies of.

Funds for Canine Eye research: Emily Moved, Nancy Little seconded (all but Marit Marino voted in favor, so the motion was carried) that BCSA donate $775.00 in restricted funds to AKC's Canine Health Federation for the purpose of eye research. The Piedmont Border Collie Association has offered to donate additional funds for this purpose to bring the total donation to $1000.00.


2002 National Specialty: AnneMarie Silverton has offered to be Chairperson. Fran Hoffman will contact her. We will need to form a judges selection committee but due to time constraints the board will have to approve judges for all events. A notice will be put in both Borderlines and on BC-Announce that volunteers are needed to Chair both the 2003 and 2004 Nationals.

AKC/Eukanuba Classic: Sharon Ferguson received the invitation that was sent to Linda Baron. It will be held in Florida and breed clubs are needed to host informational booth s. Karen Rabbitt in Florida will be contacted to possibly help with this.

Phone Cards: Sharon Ferguson will ask Linda Baron for any phone cards that she may have from her tenure as Secretary for BCSA.

National Specialty Sweepstakes classes: the board recommended 35% to be retained by BCSA until the policies are revised. Marit Marino will contact Linda Baron (National Chairperson) and Karen Rabbitt (Conformation Chairperson).

Disaster Plan for National: Emily Czapek will contact Linda for a list of both large and small animal vets. There will be an easily recognizable central location which will contain all information needed in case of an emergency. Emergency personnel will be equipped with two way radios and cell phones.

Roving Specialties: Joyce Herie motioned, Nancy Little seconded (motion carried) that this be tabled for further discussion.

The following new members were voted on and approved:

Lauren Galia
8300 Oak Court
N. Richland Hills, TX 76180
Sponsored by: Debbie Spence

Georgann Truitt Hughes
540 LangstonDrive
Cedar Hill, TX 75104-1796
Sponsored by: Debbie Spence


A motion to adjourn was made by Emily Czapek and seconded by Joyce Herie with all approving. Meeting was adjourned at 10:50 ET

Respectfully submitted,

Sharon Ferguson, Secretary

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