Conformation Championship/Herding Title - CHX

In order to continue our policy of recognizing herding as the principle defining characteristic of Border Collies, the BCSA has formulated a new Club title for those dogs who have an AKC Conformation Championship and an AKC Herding title. These dogs will be allowed to use the initials, CHX, before their name. The minimum herding requirement is an HS in addition to OFA and CERF certification. If your dog has completed these requirements send in confirmation (Gazette pages or photocopies of AKC certificates) to Borderlines. Include a photograph and a brief write-up (about a paragraph) so that your dog’s accomplishments can be highlighted in the newsletter. If you have any questions, email Kari Lavalli. Thank you.

CHX applications are processed quarterly. The schedule is: January, February, March processed the first week of April; April, May, June processed the first week of July; July, August, September processed the last week of September; October, November, December processed the first week of January.

Click here to complete the CHX Application.